At RS Drainage Services we carry out high quality drainage surveys for both domestic and commercial premises using the latest in cctv inspection systems.

Your drainage survey report will provide you with line by line analysis of your drains, containing a list of defects, the depths of the system, a drawing which shows flow direction, manholes and any incoming or outgoing connnections.

You will also be sent a video file showing your recordings for visual reference.

RS Drainage  also promises a 24 hour turnaround time , with most surveys being delivered via email the same day they are carried out.

We also carry out Home Buyers Surveys.

How It Works

After we take your call we will arrange a time and date suitable for you to arrive and carry out our survey.

Our trained and experienced team will arrive with the latest camera equipment to gather data and footage for your report.

We will then take notes of the drainage layout to plot onto a drawing which you recieve upon completion of the final report.

We will then check through the footage carefully for defects and compile your report.

You will receive a report and footage via email that evening.

A Quotation for any remedial works will also be provided  - should there be any works required to get you up and running again.

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